Great Wiarton Willie morning! People from as far away as Australia showed up at this year’s Wiarton Willie Festival prediction ceremony.

Early morning at Wiarton Willie Festival

Fireworks blasted the sky with brilliant colors of red, purple, and yellow; and the billboards top hits could be heard resounding from the arena’s bandstand. As we entered the area we were given toques and giant wave fingers, on behalf of Sunwing, to help in our celebration of the event. Proceeding inside for this year’s fabulous pancake breakfast, we waited inline briefly for what I can only say was one of the biggest pancakes I have eaten I quite a while.

Yummy Pancake

After filling our belly, we journeyed back outside, only to be greeted at the door by this year’s 2018 Queen of the Festival, Morgan Clark, 1st Princess, Madalynn Perrault and Little Miss Festival Queen, Lexus Slater. What a joy to see young people taking part in this fabulous event!

Festival Queens

The bandstand/ main stage was booming with exhilarating music and dance courtesy the local radio sponsors and Sunwing Vacations. As we eagerly waited for the big prediction, a Pipe Band began to proceed up the street towards the main stage. Mayor Janice Jackson along with Regan McKenzie, Festival founder’s daughter; Larry Miller, MP; Bill Walker, MPP; David Wright, Wiarton & District Chamber of Commerce; and Meghan Grundmann, Minister of Youthful Affairs; and of course, Wee Willie all advanced up the stage to prepared for the big reveal.

6 More weeks of Winter

After introductions were made, the crier’s address and the Mayor’s speech Wee Willie predicted 6 more weeks of winter: his first prediction beginning his reign…what fun, more snow!

Article & Pictures Courtesy of

Yvonne Cameron, Executive Assistant

Chestnut Park Real Estate (Wiarton)