Thinking of Selling Your Home This Winter or Early Spring?

Are you considering selling your home this spring? Listing your home in February or early March can give you the advantage of better exposure to potential Buyers over other homes coming on to the market in late March, early April. Buyers looking in February and March are more serious, eager to move and more motivated simply because they want to move rather than just looking for a home for the fun of it.

Winter Home

Here are some helpful tidbits for getting your home ready for potential buyers during these cold months:

  • Make your front entrance look inviting. Add items to create a warm feel like garlands and wreaths. Decorative ornaments that will appeal to a wide variety of buyers will make your home seem welcoming and add curb appeal too.
  • Clear away all ice and snow from pathways, buyers and agents want to see that the home is well maintained, and you would not want someone to slip or fall.
  • Think warm and cozy feelings – Make sure your home is set to a warm and comfortable temperature. If you have a gas or wood fireplace, ensure it is on prior to the showing and show off the beautiful warm it gives to the home. Burn scented candles for a more tranquil effect.
  • Ensure your home it naturally lit! Make sure windows are shiny clean and letting in the natural light. Open drapes and blinds to let the light in as well, the sun will help warm the house too! Make sure all lights and bulbs are clean and replace any that are burn out.
  • When adding décor to any room, add items that create a cozy feeling. Colored throws and pillows will add a distinct look and create warmth. Fluffy towels in the bathroom with a light scent will help too!
  • Because potential buyers may show up when there is still snow on the ground, leave some photo albums open showing the beautiful landscaping of the outdoor areas, especially photos showing full bloom flowers and veggie gardens.
  • If you are skilled in the area of making refreshments, trying leaving some hot apple cider or the homemade cookies, for potential buyers, anything you can do to make them linger a bit longer can only help you sell.

With less competition on the market at this time of year, and just by listing your home early you just might find that you will get the price you are asking. So, list early and get ready to sell! For more information contact me, Gary Taylor (519) 378-4663.