The best time to list your house for sale is upon us! To be ready for the spring market, you should start preparing now. It may seem early but if you are planning to list this spring, here is a sample list to ensure your home is ready, why not get your home ready now?

The most profitable time of the year to sell is January to June

Most realtors will tell you now it the time to sell, and this is a true statement. When you consider the “time” it takes to sell your home, from start to finish, you want to be on top of the sales pyramid. From signing the documents, to placing your home on the market, showing your home and finding the correct buyer to accepting your ideal purchase price to closing date…time is of the essence.

Plan ahead – leave time for preparation

Making a plan and putting that plan into action is a smart selling tool, when you want to sell your home in today’s real estate market. If you have decided to list your home, begin searching the market for your next. If your home should sell quickly, you would not want to be stuck looking for your next dream home and possibly lose the sale due to lack of planning ahead. If your plan has been set ahead of time to include closing timelines, new home purchase and moving details, your sale can go smoothly and as quickly as you choose. Planning ahead is imperative!

Choose the right agent

We all have a favorite real estate agent, or most of us do anyway. If you do not, make sure you choose an agent based on what they can do for you – Do, they give you’re a fair market comparative price or market your home in the venue best suited with the sale of your home? Asking the right questions allows you to make the best decisions.

Prepare your home by following our checklist below

Nothing will deter a potential client from walking away from your home more than clutter, damages or mess. Ensure the buyer takes a good look and stays for awhile by following our helpful checklist at the end of this BLOG! (To recieve your FREE copy contact us via this website.)

Discuss a selling game plan/schedule with your agent and stick to it

Once you have created your plan talk to your agent. They have all the right stuff in their bag of marketing tools. Your agent only wants to help you sell your home for the best possible price and, hassle free for you.

Check out the competition

Checking the competition is always a good idea. Seeing what other homes are on the market, what they are priced at and what they offer can only help you make a better plan for selling your home!

Vacate your home while showings are happening for potential buyer privacy

When your agent contacts you to request a showing of your property, you should always vacant the premises for the short period of time they need to show the beauty and character of your home to the potential buyer. You, being present, can limit the amount of questions a buyer would usually ask and potentially deter the buyer’s decision to make an offer.

Don’t get emotional

When you get that offer and the deal is getting close to final, don’t get emotional. Memories you made and have in the home are cherished memories. And besides, even bigger and better memories await you and your family in your new home.

Communication is the key to a successful sale

Your real estate agent and communication with him/her is the key to achieving your goal and selling your home. Once your plan is set and the paperwork is signed don’t be afraid to contact your agent with whatever concerns or questions you may have. Your agent is working on your behalf to make your plan works for your best interest!

Be prepared to allow for public open houses to give more exposure to your home

Open Houses can deliver the outcome you desire if sourced properly. Choosing the proper time and date may seem trivial but essential when planning an Open House; most agents will suggest times and dates to help your decision making easier. Ensure the lawns are cut and flower beds have been weeded and updated with flowers. A clean, freshly painted, updated home makes all the difference.

Checklist for a Faster Sale