Does your home have curb appeal? If you are considering selling your home? Or maybe your home has been sitting on the market with no offers to date, perhaps you should consider making some changes. These changes can be the “make it or break it” appeal when it comes to selling your home. The costs associated should not be great and the time minimal. The reward however, will be worth your time and money – a SOLD sign in the front yard!

Your home’s entry says a lot about you and it is the focal point of your home. You can and should make a statement by giving the front door a fresh coat of paint or even install a new door. The door handle should be shiny clean, and ensure the window is free of any finger prints! The door mat should be free and clear of any old boots and swept up showing off the phrase underneath.

Home Door Mat

Give the front walkway a sweep as well and clear away any old leaves from last fall. Add some planters or a wreath reflecting your personal style. The front door should give the person entering a taste of what can be expected inside, so make it as inviting as you are. When adding planters and accents ensure they are symmetrical. This is not only attractive to the eye but the easiest update to attain. Two Muskoka chairs and two sconces along with two beautifully decorated planters will entice anyone to enter.

A new mail box and new house numbers can spruce up your curb appeal as well. If these items are obsolete or grimy looking it could sway a potential buyer’s option, and you could lose out on a showing. Painting the mail box to match your home’s exterior color will complement your home. A little change speaks volume. Some new lighting will make a world of difference as well. Spot lighting and led lights are fairly in-expensive but create warmth and charm, and provide security and safety all at the same time.

Landscape lighting

Gardens suggest a home owners’ pride, so try to create a colourful bounty with planters or custom flower beds. Ready-made containers can be purchased at local garden centres or create your own with your favorite plants. Keep the flowers beds fairly staggered to give a lively feel. If your flower beds are a bit out of date try adding some stone borders and new greenery along with colorful floral blasts. Landscaping can be quite costly but you do not need to spend a lot. Just enough to give the front of your home a grand entrance! If you desire more appeal, you can create window boxes to add more charisma and attract potential buyers. Just remember to keep the costs low.

Backyard Garden

Outdoor hand rails and porch railings can deteriorate over time and devalue your home. Take a look at the condition of your railings and replace any old and rotten wood, if the rail is in good condition a fresh coat of stain or paint, well-matched to your home’s color pallet, will captivate a potential buyer’s need for outdoor living. Don’t forget a fabulous bristo set for the morning coffee!

A well-groomed back yard will improve the value of your property. Adding fences and garden arbors takes a little more time but will enhance your back yard. Try adding a splash of color or some arbor lighting as well. Remember to keep the colors co-ordinated with your home’s tone. Some great outdoor artwork such as a birdbath or fountain, a wind chime or several stone sculptures should be included in any upgrade.

Home Backyard

If your home is older, trying attaching some new shutters to enhance the beauty and charm your home bestows. Low maintenance is “key” here. Shutters can be made of wood and painted a contrasting color, or maybe some new vinyl or PVC shutters, it’s up to you. Check the eaves troughs, if there are holes creating leaks or lots of rust you might consider new ones. Many building supply outlets have in-expensive snap together eaves trough systems you can install yourself. For an even bigger update, painting the exterior of your home creates an instant facelift and adds great curb appeal. Ensure any old or rotting siding and/or shingles are dealt with. Even if you are not selling your home, you want it to look its’ best. If you do nothing, potential buyers may think you are neglecting your home. This in turn can mean less showings and the possibility of home sitting on the market for a long period of time, and the possibility of “no sale”.

House with driveway

If your driveway is paved or has interlocking brick power-wash it, simply cleaning will add a polished look. Repair any cracks and kill the weeds, no need for a complete re-do just touch it up! If you live in the country and have a gravel laneway ensure the edging is straight lined, and weeds are not sprouting out all over. Simple touches can make a big difference.

In conclusion, little changes generate value in your home, triggering a big difference in the sale of your residence. A small investment now could represent a large return later. Why not take the initiative now and make the difference you need to succeed in selling your home.