With all the storms and whiteout weather we have been experiencing here in Grey/Bruce Ontario, it may seem difficult to get in the mood to look at the real estate market or even beginning to think about listing your home. Heads up; the spring market is in full swing and many people south of us are looking.

As the inventory has been low over the last year or so, and demand extremely high, home/cottage buyers need to be extremely proactive and ready to deal. We suggest you follow these helpful guidelines to assist you in obtaining that sought-after piece of heaven.

The Perfect Home For You

Getting pre-qualified in this market is a must, at least it should be if you do not wish to lose out an that home away from home on your favorite Lake this summer. A pre-qualified mortgage shows the seller you are indeed serious about the property and ready to negotiate. This also helps speed up the entire process once an offer has been accepted. Working with a mortgage professional is always in your best interest, know where you stand before you begin your search.

Being ready to compromise, may not sound pleasant but when dealing with a quick sell market every buyer should be prepared for a compromise. Every home buyer has a list of their wants and needs when it comes to their dream home/cottage. However, when the market inventory is low you may find it difficult to check off all the items on your list. Perhaps take some time to sit down and go over the items that are most important and remove the other wants, not so important, to help you narrow down your search. As a reminder, booking a showing with a property that may not match all your wants and needs may surprise you, as images online may not give you a perfect view of a potential hidden gem.

Alternatively, consider a fixer-upper. This may be an option for some and not others. If you’re up to it, consider buying a home 20% below your budget and make plans to renovate it into your dream home. You may be surprised at the outcome.

New Modern Kitchen

Can you be flexible in this competitive market? This will go a long way with your agent and the sellers as this may benefit you to be the first buyer to see the property. Once you see the property you will have the option to act right away and make an offer. Properties sell fast in a low inventory market, so being flexible aids you in many ways. When submitting an offer, try to be flexible with closing dates and home inspections. Fewer obstacles offer the best chance on an accepted offer.

Sometimes the right buyer is not the one who presents the best offer, sometimes it’s all about the timing. Be personal, some sellers are very devoted in not only getting the best price but selling to the right buyer; someone who will appreciate the home, take great care of it and be good neighbors. Remember they have lived in the neighborhood and created a legacy of friendship and community. Having that legacy continue is important, take time to express your thoughts in a letter, to a seller who may need a little encouragement in this area.

The best gift you can give yourself when making a real estate enquiry is the gift of an experienced and qualified real estate representative. Someone who is well-connected and knowledgeable, someone who knows the market; this is someone who will give you the attention you deserve. When working with the right agent, you will have access to the latest listings, direct contact to deal with any market concerns and price expertise when presenting your offer. This is especially important particularly with inflated home prices, these agents will know the market and ensure you are paying a fair market price. He/she will be able to assist you in putting together a fair offer and negotiate the best deal for you. The best representatives are not only a source of information and experience but they can also become trusted advisers and strategic allies.

Whether you are looking for your dream home or your home for now, the process is the same. From making the right choice in an agent to signing on the dotted line, it comes down to you and your comfort zone. Call us today to assist in any way, or drop in for a coffee, we are ready and willing and the pot is on!

The Gary Taylor Team