Christmas is a time when family and friends can come together to celebrate and create new traditions, and most certainly embrace the old. I love Christmas time so much; this festive holiday atmosphere is heartwarming and overflows my soul with love. Our household does not have many holiday traditions, but in the past, we have gone outside to build snowmen, we always decorate the tree together, and we perform other Christmas time activities as a family. On Christmas Eve, we all sit down to a Christmas movie, wearing our new pajamas, and enjoy family time with snacks and of course hot chocolate!

If you are like us and do enjoy starting new traditions, here is a list, of what I think are some of my favorite Christmas Traditions, that everyone should try this holiday season with their loved ones!

Build a gingerbread house and place on the table for a centrepiece decoration until Christmas eve, share together that evening as part of your snack & a movie.

Gingerbread House

Set up the Christmas decorations; stockings can be hung on the mantle, lights inside & out, wreaths on all entry doors, and so on. Get the kids involved, remember they love Christmas and helping.

If you do not have a mantle, get an old skeleton key, place a red ribbon on it and tell your children that it is a special key from Santa. Tell them must hang it on the outside entry door handle for Santa to enter and place the gifts under the tree. When they are ready to go to bed we sprinkle homemade reindeer dust, which is made from oatmeal and glitter. The glitter is to guide the reindeer to the house!

Kids love to bake, so take some time to include baking and make some delicious Christmas cookies (make sure to make extra for Santa & the reindeer).

Kid Baking Cookies

Go Christmas caroling, with your church or as a family outing. Make sure to bundle up and even take hot chocolate along with the cookies you made.

Wrap gifts for friends and family, don’t forget teachers and other acquaintances that are important to you and your children. Small, handmade gifts can be used to make gift baskets and are great for gift giving.

Get your picture taken with Santa, make it a family venture, and maybe even put the portrait on a card. Send to your family & friends.


Have what we call a Jerusalem dinner. Make simple foods, items that they might have eaten back then—fried salmon in olive oil and seasonings, hummus, cheese, crackers, grapes, etc. Eat on the floor by candle light, then have Dad read the nativity story out of the New Testament.

Go out for dinner to a local diner, there are many places that stay open late. Then take a drive to look at Christmas lights. Make it a special time together as a family, Christmas Eve. It's less stressful and you can appreciate being together, enjoying a great meal without the clean up or cooking on this special night.

Go together as a family and get a real Christmas tree and decorate it together. Take time to create special ornaments and even string popcorn for that traditional feel.

Take time to go outside and just have some fun. Build a snowman or go ice skating. Taking a hike through the evergreens can be great fun, tell a story as you go.


Have a Christmas Eve party to celebrate with family and friends, have a buffet style menu with appetizers and punch; don’t forget the Christmas music! If you go to church on Christmas Eve, invite family and friends home for treats and eggnog.

Don’s forget the mistletoe, place it in a pass-way to the living room or any entry way where most people enter and then give someone a kiss the next time they are under the mistletoe.

Finally, write a letter to Santa. Kids love to create, so make a fabulous letter with pictures cut out of flyers or catalogs.

Letter to Santa

There are many ways to start new Christmas traditions and preserve the old, we just need to make the time to create and enjoy all that Christmas affords. Taking this time will have your children’s eyes “all aglow” and they will be delighted when the big day finally arrives.

From my house to yours have a joyous Christmas Season and a prosperous New Year!